Updated - IBL By-Laws and Playing Condition Ver 1.7 6th Feb 2017 (Click here for more details)

All clubs

The IBL By-Laws and Playing Conditions have been updated. Please ensure that these changes are communicated to all officials within your club. A Summary of the changes is shown below.

Revision 1.7 6th February 2017

  • Section 9 (f) – New section that outlines the Judiciary process guidelines.
  • Section 9 (g) – New Section that lists the offence and penalties guidelines used in the Judiciary process.
  • Section 13 (i) – Clarifies that in the event of tied scores at the end of a Grand Final then the team to reach the Grand Final first will be declared the winner.
  • Section 23 (d) (i) Clarifies that all players including the Designated Hitter (DH) must be fresh players.
  • Section 23 (d) (viii) – Clarifies that protests and appeals in regards to this section are the same as Section 10 (e).
  • Section 23 (d) (ix) – Updated to show that the initial ruling on other extenuating circumstances is by the Executive Committee.