Introducing Baseball Illawarra!

On Monday evening club representatives to the Illawarra Baseball League met and considered a number of key strategic changes to the manner in which our sport is represented and governed within the Illawarra Region.

Key amongst these changes was the adoption of a new name that recognises that our role is far more than simply running a league and that the tasks required to represent, develop and govern the sport of Baseball in the Illawarra region fall squarely within our remit.

We are very proud to announce that the Illawarra Baseball League is now known as Baseball Illawarra.

Additionally, a number of constitutional changes were passed that better align the structure to the expectations and leading governance practices for Organisations of our size.

In short, these changes include the following key points:

  • Establish a board of directors to manage the strategic direction and operation of Baseball Illawarra;
  • Appoint a series of Standing Committees to oversee the running of the competition, management of the playing assets at Berkeley, development of coaching practices; and
  • Clarify membership definitions and provide for proportional voting at Annual General Meetings.

The initial board will be composed of the following elected directors:

  • Judy Clifford;
  • Chantelle Cornick;
  • Dale Jenkins;
  • Martin Stevens; and
  • Casual Vacancy (to be filled at first board meeting).

In addition to the above, the elected directors will be appointing 3 independent directors within the coming weeks to fill all positions on the 8 person board.

Whilst these changes are considerable in scope, they will not disrupt the operation of the recently commenced Winter 2021 competition. They will, however, see an adjustment in the operation of the monthly meetings with certain agenda items being no longer required allowing meetings to be more focussed on competition matters.